For my friends in the field of education...

I can't sugar coat this one. This is bad. Like, worst case scenario bad. 

Our country has suffered a major setback, the ramifications of which we'll be dealing with for at least the next four years. We're still in shock and fearful of what this means for ourselves, our families and our students. 

It's natural for us to take a beat while we come to terms with the results of this election. But the time will come, and soon, for us to get up, dust ourselves off and get back in the fight. 

Too many of our students are counting on us to support and stand with them, and they're going to need us now more than ever. 

Make no mistake, this new president will rescind executive orders and DOE/DOJ directives that protect undocumented students, gender nonconforming students, students of color, and so many others. And then there's SCOTUS, where he'll name at least one alt-right justice taking aim at Roe v. Wade. 

Like I told you, worst case scenario. 

But there are few better positioned than us to fight back and resist these measures. Those of us with a social justice pedigree have always known that systemic oppression was real, but what right minded person can deny it now? 

The fact is, many will continue to deny this reality, and it's up to us to challenge them. It's up to us to amplify our students' voices and advocate for more inclusive environments. It's up to us, because that's just what we do. 

I, for one, am not running off to Canada. I'll be right here, resisting, speaking out and standing up for those who need it most. But none of us can do it alone. Let's stand together, my friends. 

The resistance begins today.